What can you create in your garden or with your camera this year?


At the heart of this year’s Chedworth Show is the Chedworth & District Horticultural Society’s marquee in which will be displayed the results of the creative energy of lots of villagers in and around Chedworth. This year will also see more classes, the return of money prizes along with cups and trophies.

There are lots of “classes” you can enter – 20 Flower classes, 32 Vegetable classes, 7 Fruit classes and 10 Photography classes. You can see/download the details here. This is a Mini Schedule containing the classes that you will probably need to be thinking about in the near future.

The complete Schedule, showing all the classes (including Floral Art, Domestic, Adult Handicraft, Men and Boys only, Children’s Open Section, School and Pre-School) will be distributed with May’s Hill & Valley Magazine.

The Chedworth & District Horticultural Society looks forward to seeing what you can create.

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