Chedworth Environment Group (ChEG) invite you to an Open Meeting – Friday 5th May


Just some of the projects that have been implemented by the environment group over the last 9 years.

The Environment Group was formed out of the Parish Plan of 2008. This analysed villagers interests and concerns under the following headings

  1. The Environment
  2. Housing and Development
  3. Social, Leisure and Services
  4. Traffic and Transport
  5. Enterprise and Employment

 ChEG was formed from section 1 and gave itself a brief with 6 main headings


We reckon we have had a pretty good go at these and some like recycling have been very successful. Many people in the village now use some form of green energy to supplement their energy use and we believe that we have raised peoples awareness of bio diversity and the importance of verges and wildlife corridors even if we could not prevent Glos Highways cutting when they shouldn’t and not cutting when they should. We did at least have that conversation with them. Obviously we cannot take credit for it but we do now have a farm shop which we did not have back in 2008. Our flagship project The reinstatement of the pond at Hedgley Bottom has been a huge success with geese and ducks nesting and rearing every year since we completed the project and has now been given another boost by the clearing of the stream through the valley something that we campaigned for continuously since the groups inception.

So the question is………..where do we go from here?

Your committee is now nearly a decade old. We have worked really hard to promote the principles of our mission statement and we now need a reset for the decade to come.

Times have changed….

The political situation is no longer so favorable. Grants may not be so easy to come by. The main targets have been achieved.

So we have decided to call an open meeting to try to decide on the direction from here.

This will be in the Skittle Alley at the 7 Tuns at 7.30 on Friday 5 May

Everyone is welcome

Please put this date in your diary and come with lots of inspiring ideas for new projects and destinations.

Any queries or comments contact

Hugh Blackwell

ChEG secretary (2008-2017)

01285 720626

for more ChEG info visit our website



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