Chedworth’s charities meet


Representatives from 10 Chedworth charities met last week (on 24th Nov) to present and help the Parish Council to understand more about the work of each of the charities, their origins and how, if appropriate, the Council could support and assist them in the future.

20 villagers came to the meeting. Each charity explained more about its origins, purpose, current activities and any challenges that it might have. From one charity that was founded in the 17th century to those with more recent origins came interesting thoughts and issues. Many of those present felt that communication between the charities and within the village was very important.

Parish Councillors Clive Poulton and Iain Robertson have asked each charity to provide further information about themselves with the aim of bringing this to the attention of as many people as possible within our community.

The charities who came to meeting were:

Chedworth Allotment Lands Charity
Chedworth Community Lands Charity
Chedworth Playgroup (Pre-School)
Chedworth Society
Chedworth Village Hall
Chedworth Village Trust
Chedworth Women’s Institute
Church Lands Charity (Chedworth)
Hugh Westwood Educational Trust
St Andrew’s School (Chedworth) Parent Teacher Association

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