Footpaths – where are there problems?


Chedworth has a great series of footpaths in and around the village. In many cases these are well looked after by the landowner or others, allowing people to have easy access to and along the path.

But some stiles, gates or vegetation can make progress much more difficult. It may well be that the landowner concerned is not aware of the problem or, in a few cases, the problem is known but not acted on.

To help ensure that everyone can make use of our public footpaths a group of Chedworth volunteers “The Chedworth Footpath Wardens” was formed early this year. Each Warden has been allocated a number of footpaths to look after and asked to walk each path at least once a month if possible.

If a Footpath Warden encounters any problems they are asked to either contact the landowner concerned or bring the problem to the attention of the Parish Council. If necessary the Parish Council will contact the landowner to seek a solution to the problem.

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