PCSO Reports – Keep a look out


The following messages have been received from PCSO Andrea Shutt:

  1. Inc 26 28/09/17 is a report received from the Fields Road Area of Chedworth at 0130hrs where offender(s) have tried to access a property possibly to get keys to a Land Rover Defender – it is not clear if access was gained, nothing appears to have been stolen at this time. Please ensure that vehicle keys are not left on display near windows/doors – Land Rover Defenders have been stolen in the past either to commit crime or to take abroad for parts.
  2. A local resident in the Woodmancote Area reported to Police that they were called on by males looking to repair their drive at about 1000hrs 28/09/17 stating they were looking to use materials left over from another job. Please be wary of such offers. Always seek 3 quotes for any repairs to your property. No vehicle details available.
  3. Inc 267 29/09/17 is a report received from a local resident from the Fossebridge Area – 2 insecure vehicles parked at the home address were entered and 3 x ipods and sunglasses stolen between 2200hrs 28/09/17 and 0700hrs 29/09/17. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle or your vehicle unlocked.

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