Please be mindful of purchasing from the door

This message comes from PCSO Andrea Shutt.
25th August 2017 I have received 2 reports of a male in vehicle EX16 ZHL reportedly looking to sell gravel but giving different stories to both home owners.
In Perrotts Brook the home owner was quoted £20 per yard assuming it to be per cubic yard but in fact, the male wanted £20 sq yard spread at an undetermined depth.
22nd August 2017 a female in a Silver Mercedes S3 CFA was reported going house to house offering bags of compost for sale. One lady was offered the bags of compost at 70p per bag she asked for 17 but ended up paying £109 cash.
Please be mindful of purchasing from the door, be careful who knows that you have large sums of cash in the house.- Police always say buyer beware.

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