The future of Village Facebook Page


BBC Panorama’s programme about Facebook concerns me.

The Chedworth Village Facebook page came about because a) it is free, b) lots of people use Facebook and c) it seems to have content that villagers and others are interested in & find useful.

However am I and others who post to this page exposing ourselves (digitally speaking) to unnecessary risk of too much being known about us in ways that could be harmful to us as individuals?

If so then should I (as admin of this Facebook page) turn away from Facebook, closing it because I am the only admin, and direct my efforts at (in this village’s case) The Chedworth Chatter in the hope that it becomes a safer place from where to disseminate news and information?

Any thoughts? Or perhaps you might feel by posting a reply you are taking an unnecessary risk? If the latter then free to comment on this article in The Chatter.

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