Chedworth Housing Needs Survey 2017 Report published


Earlier this year the Parish Council, in conjunction with the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council, asked villages their views on the need for housing in the village. 41% of the 369 households in the village responded (130 by post and 23 online).

The Chedworth Housing Needs Survey 2017 Report, using the responses from this survey, has now been published. You can see the report on the Parish Council’s website here.

The report contents include:

  • Parish Summary
  • Aim
  • Survey distribution and response
  • Key findings
    • Part A – You and your household
    • Part B – Home working
    • Part C – Housing Needs
  • Chedworth Housing needs Survey 2012
  • Affordability
  • Existing Affordable Housing Stock
  • Summary
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

The Conclusions of the Report are:

  • This survey has determined that there are two households with a local connection who have self-identified themselves in need of affordable housing in the parish.
  • In addition to local households in need, consideration should be given to turnover of the existing affordable housing stock in the parish when determining the number, type and tenure of additional affordable dwellings required to meet the parish’s need.
  • Also, consideration may be given to forecasted changes in the demographics and the impact of Government policies e.g. welfare reforms.
  • It should be noted that the current stock of affordable dwellings preference is given to persons in greatest housing needs across Cotswold District. Preference would not automatically be given to persons with a local connection with Chedworth.

The Report will be discussed by the Parish Council at their next meeting on Monday 8th May at 7.30 in the Village Hall. The agenda for the meeting can be seen here.

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