The Rural North Neighbourhood Coordination Group meet several times each year. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss problems within our communities and to look for solutions to resolve these. Also to share best practices.

The most recent meeting was held on 23rd March. Parish Councillor Clive Poulton normally attends these meetings on behalf of Chedworth Parish Council but unable to attend this meeting due to other commitments.

The full minutes of the meeting can be found here. Some highlights relevant to Chedworth are:

  • The Road Safety Community Hub is part of the Road Safety Partnership and launched in October 2016 – partly funded by the PCC. The expectation is that the Community would feed all concerns in relation to Road Safety into the Hub which would collate all the information as ‘intelligence’ to address issues arising and disseminate specific enquires to the relevant agency. The concern is currently that there is still not a high enough profile. An example was cited of a member of the community reporting an issue to the Police, who referred them to the Hub, only for the Hub to refer them back to the Police. It is important that the Hub does not become an unnecessary extra layer, but must be seen to be adding value.
  • Smartwater – unfortunately, the Police no longer sell Smartwater to the public. All sales are to be directed to their web site or ring them direct on 0333 320 7797. There is a similar product called SelectaDNA which can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer at Both SelectaDNA and Smartwater offer significant discounts to the online purchase price for their products to bona fide members of an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. If you would like further information please contact PCSO Andrea Shutt.
  • Road Safety – CARS (Community approaches to road safety) Toolkit is now available via GRCC website here.

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