Parish Council agree to mobile phone pole on their land


Chedworth Parish Council held an extra meeting on 5th April at which a single subject was discussed namely:

“To consider if the Parish Council should make available an area of the grass keep field (former Diggers plot) to CTIL for the erection of a 15m mobile phone pole together with associated cabinets and, if appropriate, to approve and sign the Heads of Terms.”

About 30 villagers, along with GCC Councillor Paul Hodgkinson and CDC Councillor Jenny Forde, attended the meeting that opened with a question and answer session. Parish Councillors were supported by villager Andy McCulloch from Green Lane who used the benefit of his many years in the mobile phone industry to comprehensively and frankly answer questions that were clearly of concern to those at the meeting.

Following this discussion the councillors formally addressed the subject itself and, by a vote of 5 councillors in favour and 1 abstention, agreed to make part of Parish Council land available for this mobile phone project.

The organising company, CITL, will be notified of this agreement and the associated Heads of Terms (outlining the contractual arrangements).

It is anticipated that, subject to planning permission and any final legal matters, the pole, using Vodafone and Telefonica (O2) equipment will be in action by September this year.

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